2021.05.06-10Xiamen, China
InformationAbout the Venue

About the Venue

Xiamen International Conference and Exhibition Center, whose total construction area is 230,000 square meters, includes Convention Center Phase I, Phase II, Phase III, as well as accessory 4-star exhibition and business hotel. It is a large modern exhibition venue, which is a combination of exhibition, conference, hotel, restaurant, tourism, advertisement and storage. Xiamen International Conference and Exhibition Center is located on the southeast coast of Xiamen Island, with beautiful scenery and convenient traffic. It is across Little Kinmen Island and the straight-line distance between them is 4,600 meters only. 

Convention Center Phase I and Phase II has a total of 11 exhibition halls covering a total area of 80,000 square meters, which can set up 4,000 international standard booths. Exhibition area ranges from 2,000 square meters to 9,000 square meters and height ranges from 7 meters to 15 meters. Exhibition Hall can be used of flexible in order to meet different needs of exhibition, and it can be used for organizing large-scale concerts and other performances as well. In addition, it also has 40,000 square meters of outdoor exhibition hall. Convention Center Phase III (30, 000 Sqm) has been well built and put into use in September, 2012.

The exhibition hall of Phase I and Phase II is with an area of 4,500-square meters lobby and with 2,500-square meters lobby respectively, whose height is 18 meters. It can be used for the opening ceremony and all kinds of celebration activities.

Exhibition hall also has more than 20 conference rooms, VIP rooms, meeting rooms, including more than 2,100 square meters of multi-function hall, International Conference Hall containing 600 people and all kinds of conference rooms ranging from holding 200 people to 50 people. It also has several service such as customs, commodity inspection, banking, insurance, civil aviation, transport, post, telecommunications etc.